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We continue to build on our ability to make our clients successful through the addition of people who are passionate about what they do.

Bruce Rodgers, CEO Bruce Rodgers, CEO

Ecometrix celebrates its 20th year!

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve grown significantly both in terms of our size and breadth of services, while also creating opportunity for the continued professional development of our staff.

We’re not done yet! Our plan is to continue on this trajectory.

Why is growth so important to us?

Our environment does not stand still. To stay at the forefront of change, we must staff our organization with people who have the most exacting of skill sets and breadth of experience, so that we can anticipate our clients’ evolving needs.

Our growth has allowed us to add significantly to our core competence, which is our commitment to helping clients achieve outstanding environmental project results through deploying a capability we describe as Environmental Intelligence™.

The stories you will read here are examples of the many ways we are supporting this commitment. I hope you enjoy them.


Bruce Rodgers, CEO

Team culture

This past year, we continued our series of Knowledge Hub profiles with Ecometrix experts, including a discussion with Alireza Ghane, our Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Modeller, who decided to study a degree in water resources engineering after experiencing the problems that come with water scarcity and shortages.

We spoke with Brian Fraser, an Ecometrix partner and member of the company’s founding group, on his journey into environmental consulting, and Langping Wu, our Environmental Scientist who's had an impressive journey through the world of academia.

At the start of last year, Joe Tetreault, our Associate Director of Environmental Monitoring and Technology and Senior Aquatic Biologist, talked about travelling the country and being Ecometrix’s longest-standing, non-founding member. We also spoke with Jason Dietrich, our Director of Environmental Monitoring and Technology, who brings over 25 years of experience in aquatic ecology to his work.

Following the merger with Calder Engineering in 2021, we discussed how we’re leveraging our combined resources to elevate our water resources engineering offerings.

Environmental Scientist Heather Veilleux in the field. Environmental Scientist Heather Veilleux in the field.

Thought leadership

All of our team members are experts in their fields, passionate about tackling complex environmental projects that are as diverse as they are fulfilling.

Rina Parker, our Director and Environmental Risk Assessment Specialist, discussed how small modular reactors (SMRs) can play a key role in helping Canada meet its net-zero emissions goals. As part of that, she spoke about how our software solution IMPACT can derive radiation safety limits for CANDU nuclear reactors.

We also sat down with our Environmental Scientist Heather Veilleux to get an introduction to what environmental DNA (eDNA) is, how the field is evolving, and how Ecometrix is using its Environmental Intelligence approach to stay at its cutting edge.


Throughout the year, global events bring researchers, academics, and experts together to discuss specific environmental topics. Ecometrix was glad to be part of these conversations, presenting workshops and talks, including:

Director of Environmental Monitoring and Technology Jason Dietrich in the field. Director of Environmental Monitoring and Technology Jason Dietrich in the field.


Alongside all of this, we’ve been hard at work in the field, helping clients solve tough environmental challenges with Environmental Intelligence and the four principles of TASC.

Earlier this year, we shared a story on the Marathon Palladium Project, the first greenfield mining development to undergo a joint provincial-federal environmental assessment through an independent review panel in Ontario.

Ecometrix had a pivotal role in the project, which enabled the sustainable production of critical minerals and brings significant economic opportunities to the Marathon area and local Indigenous communities.

We also shared two eDNA case studies, including a round whitefish monitoring program in Lake Ontario and a preliminary fish survey to begin fish community characterization.

The year ahead

We are very pleased to share that Carman Stevens has joined Ecometrix as of the new year and are excited to add her experience and expertise to our sector-leading mine closure and reclamation team. Carman brings more than 20 years of experience developing risk based closure and reclamation strategies for her clients across Canada to aid in their informed decision making.

In 2024, we’re excited about expanding our service offerings further and will continue developing our proprietary platforms like MineMod™ and IMPACT™, utilizing them in more global markets.

As we do, we’ll introduce you to more of our experts, share more thought leadership, and lead more workshops and talks at events.

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