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Offering answers for the environmental managers of industrial activities, IMPACT™ is a recognized environmental pathways and exposure modelling tool founded on accuracy, timeliness, and reliability.

The industry standard for exposure modelling

IMPACT was informed by demands within the nuclear industry.

With a need for radiation dose and derived release limit (DRL) calculations to be frequently updated, accurate, and immediately accessible by a variety of parties in any nuclear environment, Ecometrix started developing a solution.

IMPACT is the result: a customizable tool that allows the user to assess the fate and transport of contaminants through a user-defined environment.

As well as enabling the prediction of contaminant concentrations in a range of environmental media, IMPACT takes it a step further by quantifying exposure and risk to people and animals from those environmental contaminants, all within the same software.

Since its inception, IMPACT has become the industry-standard tool for radiation dose and DRL calculations, used by clients including Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

A screenshot of exposure modelling tool IMPACT. IMPACT in action

A proven track record

As the proprietor of IMPACT, Ecometrix has a proven track record in environmental risk assessments, environmental assessments, and DRL calculations for a variety of industrial applications.

It is used successfully for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (DNGS), located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. As part of maintaining the facility’s operating licence, Ecometrix supports Ontario Power Generation in updating their environmental risk assessment every five years. The environmental risk assessment employs IMPACT to assess potential health risks to human and ecological receptors in the vicinity of the DNGS considering its radiological and chemical releases.

Ecometrix is also currently assisting a client with environmental assessments and approvals for two uranium mines in Saskatchewan, where we’re using IMPACT to demonstrate protection of the environment while helping our client understand what the information is telling them.

It was also used as part of the Marathon Palladium Project, where the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario approved a palladium group metals mining and milling operation that will enable the sustainable production of critical minerals and bring significant economic opportunities to the Marathon area and local Indigenous communities.

A screenshot of IMPACT's Scale dialogue. IMPACT's Scale dialogue

For new and ongoing industrial activities, Ecometrix’s skilled team of experts can quickly create or modify model scenarios for your specific application. As the environment and the needs of our clients evolve, so too does IMPACT in the form of upgrades and improvements.

When it comes to deriving release limits for nuclear reactors throughout Canada and the world, IMPACT is the preferred tool. By leveraging the information generated and the expertise of our team, clients can make informed decisions about reactor safety and environmental protection, facilitating new-build approvals, and providing ongoing assurance to regulators and the public.

As Bruce Rodgers, CEO, and Sarah Barabash, Director of Mining Services, said in the 2023 report on Mining in Ontario and Toronto’s Global Reach, “MineMod™ is a software that looks at all operations on a mine site from a geochemical and water balance perspective. When we know the mass loadings of the various chemical constituents going into the environment, we can then apply our IMPACT software, which looks at how that constituent moves through environmental media to assess exposure and risk.

“Created to improve the decision-making process for mine managers, these tools help forecast and manage the initial feasibility study, environmental assessment, construction, operation, closure, and rehabilitation of a mine.”

IMPACT is not just making an impact in Canada. Used in Romania, Argentina, Pakistan, Zambia, and more, it’s helped clients around the globe.

A map showing locations where IMPACT has been used around the globe.

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