Marathon palladium: An Ecometrix success story

In November 2022, the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario approved the Marathon Palladium Project, a palladium group metals mining and milling operation that will enable the sustainable production of critical minerals and bring significant economic opportunities to the Marathon area and local Indigenous communities.

It’s a good project, a critical mineral, and the area will benefit from much needed job opportunities.

Brian Fraser, Principal, Senior Consultant at Ecometrix

Its completion will help improve economic prosperity of local communities and the Ontario region through the creation of jobs and provision of key minerals while protecting the environment.

“You can probably count on your hand the number of greenfield mines that have been approved in Ontario in the last 20 years,” says Brian Fraser, Principal, Senior Consultant at Ecometrix, who was the technical lead on the project.

“It was a long journey and nice to get to that end point with the project approved, and it’s meaningful for the local communities and the mining community in general. It’s a good project, a critical mineral, and the area will benefit from much needed job opportunities.”

A scenic view of a lake and surrounding trees. Lake Superior
The country food monitoring program will allow us to investigate spatial and temporal trends of chemicals in the environment that could provide an early indication of potential project effects on local country foods.

Don Hart, Senior Scientist and Risk Assessor at Ecometrix

More than an Ecometrix success story

As a former mill town with historic ties to the pulp and paper industry, Marathon has witnessed changes in the region and its workforce. The project represents significant economic opportunities and will help improve the economic prosperity of local communities and the region. The project is expected to create between 430 and 550 full-time jobs for the local workforce during the construction phase and 430 jobs during its operation.

The project site is located within the asserted Exclusive Aboriginal title territory of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg. The project will provide significant employment and business development opportunities to Indigenous communities.

Over the course of this project, several Ecometrix team members have applied their expertise to get the Marathon Palladium Project to where it’s at now, working with Indigenous communities, as well as provincial and federal departments. That’s set to continue as the project moves into its next steps.

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