Ecometrix welcomes Dr. Harry Gaebler to the team

Dr. Harry Gaebler is an Environmental Modeller who joined Ecometrix in June 2021 after completing his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the University of Guelph. Harry specializes in contaminant and fate transport modelling in a variety of water bodies and other media, with his Ph.D. dissertation focused on microbial-mediated uranium bioreduction in porous environments.

Dr. Harry Gaebler Harry Gaebler

Dr. Harry Gaebler in the Black Forest at the base of The Triberg Waterfall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Harry recently published an article on multiscale modelling of uranium bioreduction in porous media via one-dimensional biofilms. This study developed a multiscale modelling framework to investigate the effects of mesoscale (pore scale) biofilm processes on in-situ field scale remediation of soluble uranium in porous media.

The model is constructed by first accounting for specific biofilm processes on the mesoscale, and then upscaling these mesoscopic expressions to the macroscale (field scale).

This hybrid modelling approach allows for accurate inclusion of underlying biological processes, while still forecasting field-scale remediation efforts.

Although the model developed in this study is specific to uranium bioreduction in porous media, the described modelling framework can easily be extended to other remediation applications.

The full article can be found on the publisher's website.