MineMod: An ever-evolving water body solution

The development of MineMod™ started with one question: Can we build an application to better model a site’s water balance and predict water quality for a series of water bodies? Turns out, the answer’s a resounding yes.

MineMod’s development began in 2009 as an extension of our specialized monitoring database software, EMMA.

“Initially, MineMod was a simple water mixing model that calculated water balance and quality,” says Harry Gaebler, Environmental Modeller at Ecometrix. “Step by step, the development team integrated hydrodynamic models, expanded the water balance to additional features other than water bodies, added components specific to mine operations, pre-operation, and post-operation, and added time-varied input data to simulate the full lifecycle of a mine.”

In 2019, the team decided to integrate Monte Carlo simulations with probabilistic inputs and the waste rock pile acidity model. Plus, as new members with different scientific backgrounds and perspectives have joined our development team, they’ve shaped the tool, creating a culture of continual improvement.

For example, in 2022, as part of that continuous improvement, the team overhauled the software, updating and adding new features, including water and chemical balance updates, improved calculation efficiency, and UI improvements. Those improvements are set to continue throughout 2024 with plans to add new extensions including treatment options and reaction kinetics.

"The biggest way MineMod differs from other mine simulation software is its interactive graphic interface. Rather than displaying complicated flow network diagrams that may be sorted into larger bins, MineMod displays the entire site."

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