Ecometrix: A moment to reflect

Over the past months, Ecometrix has experienced the most dynamic period of growth in our 18-year history. We have doubled in size, increased our geographic presence, and expanded the breadth of services we can provide. And we’re not done yet. In the months and years ahead, our plan is to continue this growth trajectory.

Why is growth so important to us?

Our environment does not stand still. The demands that must be met for us to be at the forefront of change require that we staff our organization with people who have the most exacting skillsets and breadth of experience, so that we can anticipate our clients’ evolving needs.

These past few months have seen us add significantly to our core competence, which is our commitment to helping clients achieve outstanding environmental project results through deploying a process we describe as Environmental Intelligence.

To mark that progress, we wanted to look back at some of the milestones that haven’t just enabled our growth but set the foundation of what’s to come.

Elevating our civil, environmental, and water resources engineering

In November 2021, Ecometrix merged with Calder Engineering Ltd., a firm that provides professional services in the fields of civil, environmental, and water resources engineering. To celebrate the important occasion, Ecometrix held an all-staff get together get together at its Mississauga office.

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A growing portfolio of projects

Since Ecometrix’s beginnings, we’ve worked on projects that have had a profound effect on the environment. The Brownfield redevelopment is one such project. With communities across Canada identifying the need to intensify development within their existing footprint to prevent urban sprawl and preserve farmland, recreational areas, and habitats, risk assessment is a cost effective and popular approach to safely developing contaminated land.

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