Ecometrix Launches Environmental Testing & Risk Management Services for COVID-19 in Work and Community Spaces

As we get ready to go back to work, commercial centres, and community spaces, we all have fears about our safety. It is easy to become overwhelmed by changing recommendations from government sources and information provided through social media, news outlets and scientific literature. There’s also the fear that we don’t yet understand the risks of COVID-19 transmission from environmental exposure, including surfaces and aerosol droplets in air.

If you own, manage or lease a work, commercial or community space, you have risks to manage. You do not need to handle these challenges alone. Let us be your guides in proactively assessing where the risks to you and your people lie. Our environmental testing program provides the necessary support to implement effective risk management strategies before reopening your facility.

To initiate this program, Ecometrix has assembled a team of experts in environmental exposure and hazard assessment, including Certified Industrial Hygienists, Risk Assessors and allied Health Professionals. They are experienced in the evaluation and control of biological and chemical agents, including viruses such as COVID-19. Our team is ready to answer your questions, including:

  • What is the level of transmission risk associated with various functions, operations, surfaces and systems in my space? We provide an assessment and rank the risks so you know where to focus your resources.
  • What controls do I need to implement? We assess the effectiveness of possible controls in your space. This may include developing a cleaning regime based on occupant usage patterns, density of people, and type of use associated with your facility.
  • How can I be confident that my implemented controls are effective? We provide third-party oversight and confirmation that cleaning and disinfection procedures are being followed. We do environmental testing to provide confidence in your chosen regime. We work with local laboratories to provide COVID-19 detection from surface swabs and air samples.

While COVID-19 will be top-of-mind, there are other potential hazards associated with re-occupying your space. We can assess or establish:

  • The potential for the growth of the bacteria Legionella pneumophila (which can cause Legionella or Legionnaires’ Disease) from idled water and HVAC systems;
  • Procedures to store, mix, apply and dispose of cleaners and disinfectants established in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • How to effectively train your people in hazard communication, safe work procedures and PPE applicable to the types of disinfectants being used.

We want to reassure you that while COVID-19 is novel, the methods to evaluate and control biological and chemical agents are not. Let Ecometrix guide you through these processes using our expertise in risk assessment and with published protocols and sampling techniques.

You want to meet the expectations of your employees, customers and community minimizing the risk of COVID-19. We can help.

For more information about our environmental testing program, please contact Derek Hillis, and 226-332-1213.