We are proud to welcome four new members to the Ecometrix family.

Ecometrix Welcomes New Employees

As an essential service providing ongoing support to our clients, we continue to expand and evolve our capabilities. Meet the four newest members of the Ecometrix family, who bring their unique skills and talents to our Mining Services team.

The recent expansion of our team is part of our strategy of being there to help clients make sound business decisions. Their need to deliver intelligent solutions to environmental challenges remains - even during turbulent times. As an essential service providing ongoing support to our clients, we continue to evolve our capabilities, not only to help them with their needs today, but so that we will be better prepared to support their increased requirements as we move through these uncertain times together.

We are delighted to announce the addition of three people to our Mining Services team. Holly Gray, PhD, who specializes in environmental chemistry and water treatment. Neal Sullivan, PhD, who has an earth sciences background with a research focus on the mobility and geochemistry of platinum group elements and gold in magmatic lithologies. Nicolas Rey, PhD, who is a specialist in hydrogeology and hydro-geochemistry. Our Mining Services team provides life-cycle solutions to our clients around the world.

We would also like to announce that Derek Hillis, PhD, QPRA, has joined Ecometrix as a Senior Environmental Scientist. Derek brings more than 22 years of consulting experience, helping clients successfully navigate issues related to exposure assessment and applied toxicology. Derek specializes in industrial hygiene, ecology and risk assessment.

Maintaining the highest level of environmental standards is a fundamental obligation of our global society. We at Ecometrix are committed to playing a key role in helping our clients uphold those standards today and in the future.

Nicolas Rey joins Ecometrix Nicolas Rey, PhD
Derek Hillis, PhD joins Ecometrix Derek Hillis, PhD
Holly Gray joins Ecometrix Holly Gray, PhD
Neal Sullivan PhD joins Ecometrix Neal Sullivan, PhD