Integrated Model for the Probabilistic Assessment of Contaminant Transport

IMPACT™ is a recognized environmental pathways and exposure modelling tool which provides a wide range of answers for the environmental management of industrial activities. It has been serving government agencies and the nuclear industry for decades and is a standard tool for radiation dose calculation and for Derived Release Limit (DRL) calculation.

As proprietor of IMPACT™, EcoMetrix assesses the transport and fate of contaminants through environmental media and offers numerical solutions for contaminant concentrations in environmental media, radionuclide exposure and radiation dose calculations, and chemical dose and risk calculations for humans and other biota. IMPACT™ has a proven track record in a range of risk assessments (RA), environmental assessments (EA) and DRLs for a variety of industrial applications.

For new and ongoing industrial activities our skilled team of scientists and IMPACT™ specialists can quickly create or modify model scenarios as a function of evolving environmental conditions, criteria and project design. IMPACT™ is continually being upgraded and adapted to meet the evolving needs of our clients.