Environmental Modelling

Environmental modelling is a comprehensive and specialized service that professionals at EcoMetrix have been practicing for many years. Some examples include:

    • Waste Assimilative Capacity
    • Spill Simulation & Analysis
    • Contaminant Transport & Fate
    • Effluent Dispersion & Plume Delineation
    • Hydrological Simulations
    • Customized Applications
    • IMPACT™
    • EMMA

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists has developed advanced numerical and statistical applications to address project-specific challenges involving air, water, sediment, and soil quality. Applications can apply to any phase of project development. Past and current applications include: analysis of benefits and consequences of proposed activities, evaluation of pollution abatement and remedial strategies, assessment of accidental discharges, derivation of effluent releases.

EcoMetrix recognizes that environmental modelling can be effectively adapted and applied to innumerable situations and EcoMetrix has a committed, experienced team to serve our client’s specific needs.