Brownfield Risk Assessment

Quantitative health and environmental risk assessment and risk management for existing or underutilized properties, and future developments provides due diligence and regulatory support for clients considering property transactions, redevelopment or addressing ongoing issues. Some examples include:

    • Ecological & Human Health Risk Assessment and Toxicology
    • Due Diligence Risk Assessments
    • Risk Assessment and Management in Support of Regulatory Approvals
    • Air Monitoring and Vapour Intrusion Assessment
    • Radiological Risk Assessment
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Contaminant Pathways Modelling
    • Biological Surveys
    • Public Meetings, Regulatory Liaison and Stakeholder Involvement

EcoMetrix’s specialists have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to complete comprehensive ecological and human-health risk assessments and develop customized risk management options and plans adapted to industry and regulatory needs. Specializing in the use of exposure and effects evaluation for toxic chemicals and radionuclides to manage risks, EcoMetrix quantitatively assesses risk to receptors in water and on land using adaptive, cutting edge modelling tools and works with clients to develop customized options and approaches to reduce or manage risks.

Risk assessment through clearly identified exposure pathways provides the basis for a focused, cost effective and timely tool for project development, mitigation and contingency response adapted to our clients’ specific needs.