Environmental Intelligence Scorecard™

The Environmental Intelligence Scorecard™ is a tool designed for use by anyone with a stake in environmental management. The scorecard asks that you rank your organization on a set of behaviours – that we call Environmental Intelligence. These behaviours set you up for success, as an environmental practitioner and decision-maker, in developing and meeting your environmental goals. Environmental Intelligence is made of four key elements:

  • Thought process
  • Application
  • Solutions; and
  • Communication

We are happy to be leading the CIM2019 Convention course titled “Navigate the Mine Life Cycle with Environmental Intelligence”. Participants in the course are being asked to complete the Environmental Intelligence Scorecard™ in advance of the Convention.

As a participant of this course, you can expect to:

  • gain an understanding of where you and your organization are in formulating your environmental goals; and
  • recognize and plan around you and your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in implement actions towards those goals.

Your scorecard results as a participant will remain private. The results will be provided to you as part of the course, where they will be used to develop personal action plans. The cumulative results of the scorecards will be used to help us, as instructors, tailor the course content and case studies to best meet the participants’ needs.