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Working at EcoMetrix is not just a job. It’s your career.
At the core of our company’s culture is the belief that each of our employees should be encouraged to pursue opportunities that will enhance their personal and professional development. We know that development is a long-term commitment for both the individual and the company. We provide ongoing support through attending and contributing to conferences, continuing education, mentoring, and discovery through hands-on experience.

Jige (Gene) Shen“My work enables me to play a   key role working with customers   and regulators.”

Jige (Gene) Shen, Ph. D.
Environmental Modeler

My EcoMetrix Experience

My area of specialization is Radiological Assessment, with a focus on nuclear power and Uranium mining industries.

My primary activities have been developing a modeling tool (IMPACT™) that enables specialists in the nuclear power and mining sectors to monitor the transport of contaminants between all environmental media.

Working at EcoMetrix enabled me to play a key role in having IMPACT™ endorsed by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA Standard N288.1). It is currently used by all CANDU reactor power facilities in Canada, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Health Canada and the Uranium mining industry.

It’s extremely rewarding to work in a company that gives you the kind of control over your projects you need in order to succeed.

This approach has allowed EcoMetrix professionals to be at the leading edge of environmental solutions while building and sustaining credibility with both the private and public sectors, including regulatory agencies. We continue to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally for our commitment to excellence, our emphasis on innovation and creativity, and our years of experience with challenging assignments around the world.

Our people play significant roles in shaping environmental standards and policies globally—through activities such as working with the Canadian Standards Association to develop standards for release limits for Nuclear Power plants; contributing to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) environmental modeling initiatives; advising the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank on the environmental effects of pulp mills; developing the technical methods by which releases to the environment via industrial activities in Canada are assessed; and participating in major initiatives to set the standards for management of mine wastes through the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) and International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) programs.

Sarah Barabash“I feel valued in the knowledge   that my research goals are   fostered within the company.”

Sarah Barabash, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist

My EcoMetrix Experience

I completed my doctorate at the University of Guelph in the field of geochemistry with a focus on contaminant modeling. In order to continue my research and grow within my field, I accepted a post-doctoral position with EcoMetrix in 2010 and was granted an Industrial Research and Development Fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

The ability to work with and be mentored by recognized experts in my field was only one of many reasons for my choosing to work with the EcoMetrix team.

The in-house laboratory facilities allow me to take an innovative and hands-on approach to projects. Within the EcoMetrix environment I’m exposed to multiple areas of study and have the ability to keep learning.

We are currently looking for experienced professionals to join our award winning team who have a passion for the Environmental industry and are prepared to take on the challenges that come with being a leader. If you would like to learn more about becoming part of our award winning team or have a question about career opportunities with EcoMetrix, please email us at: