Dr. Elizabeth Haack joins EcoMetrix Incorporated

EcoMetrix is pleased to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Haack has joined the company as a Senior Environmental Scientist. Elizabeth has over 10 years of consulting experience, with expertise in the area of geochemistry and predictive water quality modelling, site assessment and conceptual site model development, and risk-based guideline derivation for risk management. She has provided technical consulting and/or project management on more than 100 projects that span from environmental impact assessment to site closure, and for more than 30 clients from wide-ranging industrial sectors including: conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas; pipelines; mineral resources mining; telecommunications; and food services.

Dr. Haack has an additional 12 years’ experience in the academic sector where she did research pertaining to metal-biological interactions. She studied uptake of inorganic and methyl mercury into aquatic invertebrates, and mercury methylation in lakes. She demonstrated a diel pattern in the release of metals from mine tailings sediments into the overlying water column, driven by microscale biologivally-driven redox gradients. She also examined metal binding to important environmental mineral surfaces and microbial exudates at the molecular level. Results revealed mechanisms of mineral solubilisation by the exudates and altered metal behaviour and mobility in their presence.